With the frequency of communication via text message and email increasing it is common to develop misunderstandings and end up with one or both parties upset. This leads to a loss of affinity, less collaboration and a feeling of disconnection.

There are four primary ways people respond to this type of upset:

  1. Cease communicating
  2. Communicate more to force a resolution
  3. Pretend that there is no upset and move forward anyway
  4. Call the person, discuss the misunderstanding and clear it up

While most people avoid upsets and do not want to confront what happened… there is no way to resolve an upset without communication. And yes, that means an apology may be in order!

Perhaps you have tried to resolve an upset by texting more or sending lengthy emails to explain yourself? This is a waste of time… the best tip for getting back into the zone is to pick up the phone or walk over and meet in person.