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Towers of Glass, Feet of Clay: What Is the Quest?

I was going throughdubaipaster my travel photographs and saw this picture of a poster at the Dubai Airport advertising the world’s tallest building, which was under construction at the time. The Burj Dubai is very impressive and I was inspired to write more about the towers of glass.

I love beautiful, expansive, and extraordinary things and am a patron of the arts. Architecture is particularly captivating because of its ability to inspire and uplift. My title is only an analogy and not meant in any way to be critical of any building.

My personal observation about many banks, hotels, and companies that own these towers is that the public areas are grand, beautiful, and spacious, whereas the back of the house where the employees work tends to be relatively ordinary and in many cases dingy and unattractive.

Let’s continue the conversation about Towers Of Glass, Feet Of Clay — particularly our response to external circumstances, as the waves of impact wash over us.

Many people are being tested to the core and have a rare opportunity to re-evaluate what is real and what is an illusion. We have to decide, “What is important to us?” and “What we are willing to let go of?” “Which relationships are here for the long haul?” and “Which ones are superficial?”

It is time to reflect so that the inside can be as beautiful and tall as the outside.

Nearly everyone will agree to this in concept, yet not everyone is willing to invest the time, energy, and money that beautifying the inside requires. Don’t get me wrong.  I am not referring to a religion or any particular philosophy, but rather a journey that all leaders take in the process of leading. Those who know, know… as we share a common experience.

We call this common experience the Quest:

The essence of the Quest is where you leave your comfort zone, known reality, sense of security, and attachments and step into the unknown to discover your true nature, destiny, unique gifts, qualities, and virtues. It is only when you leave your comfort zone that you run into your limits.

During your journey to discover your true self, you encounter the limiting parts of yourself, weaknesses, limiting beliefs, blocks, self-suppression, unexpressed feelings, insecurities, jealousies, and doubts. In other words, you encounter your dark side. You also discover and encounter any opposition to your visions, goals, and dreams.

In the process of your journey, you overcome and master your dark side and gain attributes, qualities, and virtues and develop your overall character as a meaningful, worthwhile, contributing, conscious, compassionate, humble, and honorable human being.

This is perhaps the most difficult part of the journey and is the point where most people quit, give up, and throw in the towel! It is easy to look at what is good, what is beautiful and the aspects of ourselves that are great. On the other hand, looking at the ugly, nasty, and self-interested parts of ourselves is not easy. And yet, honesty requires it. Why is this so hard? Because our egos are as fragile as a house of cards.

Should you continue, you become very clear who you are and what you stand for. Your vision, values, beliefs, and most importantly — actions, are in total alignment with your spiritual self.

Returning from your Quest, you then integrate all you have become and learned in order to be a contributing member of society.

The nature of your Quest is that it is a life-long journey with no specific destination. While there are milestones along the way, the real and meaningful result is WHO YOU BECOME IN THE PROCESS.




What Is a Leader?

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  1. This piece sums it all up, this is the greatest journey and includes the deepest valley’s of self examination together with the mountain tops of satisfaction of right action and its success. And then all that is in between on the journey.

    From this I found out who I truly am and what I stand for.

    From my direct experience this is the very best ticket to ride… Pack the carry-on bag, pick-up the passport and leave the safety of the known for an true life adventure….

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