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Thoughts about Money

Many of us would agree that our results in life are created by our actions, and our actions are preceded by thoughts, and our thoughts are created by our feelings.  The challenge is that most of us have thoughts and feelings that are hidden deep in the subconscious mind – out of our conscious awareness. The easiest way to see what is in our subconscious is to look at our results.  Our results will reflect the inner workings of our mind.

Over a lifetime, we hear thousands of comments about money and observe the money behavior of the people closest to us:  our parents, relatives, teachers, friends and colleagues.  Many of these comments reinforce patterns of thinking and beliefs that over time become buried in our subconscious.  Our day-to-day experiences confirm and validate that these thoughts and beliefs are true and accurate.

In order to change the relationship we have with money, we have to reprogram our subconscious mind.  This requires replacing negative thoughts and feelings that are inaccurate with positive thoughts and feelings that give us the results we want.

Most people would like to increase their income, however negative thoughts about what they have to do to make more money often counters their intention.  For example, if you have the belief that you have to be dishonest to make money – and you see yourself as an honest person – you will avoid making lots of money so you don’t compromise your status as an honest person.  However, this belief is not true.  You can make as much money as you want through honest means and all the while maintain the highest levels of honesty and integrity.

Making a list of your most negative thoughts about money will help you to bring these deep-seated thoughts and feelings to the surface so you can view them and choose a replacement thought and feeling.

Many years ago, I sat down with a note pad and created two columns.  In the left column, I listed my most negative thoughts about money.  In the right hand column, I wrote a positive affirmation that would reprogram the negative into the positive.

This process totally transformed my relationship to money.  I highly recommend that you make your own list and pay attention to the thoughts that come up as you read the list below.  Feel free to use any of these and add them to your list.


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  1. Great post Andrew,
    I’ve also found the technique mentioned below quite beneficial for releasing negative thoughts about money.

    Sit with your eyes closed and think about the word ‘Money’.
    Become aware of all the feelings surfacing. Now the key is to accept those feelings and not fight them. Once you accept them as they are, the grip loosens. Give it a try.

    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Carolina Liechtenstein

    People with limiting beliefs are depressing. Period. Avoid them like the black plague.

  3. Carolina Liechtenstein

    Thank you for sharing this very important set of thoughts. It’s very important that we don’t have people in our lives that have a negative attitude about money. They’ll drag you down with them into their black hole, even if you already have money! I have experienced a bad attitude about money from certain New Agers. Some live a hippy like lifestyle, and they put success, hard work and money down. I avoid these people like the plague because some have dragged me down. Also avoid anyone that calls your creativity crazy. Creativity is the number one money generator if these kinds of economy, not old fuddy-dud thinking. Also, live money. I mean wear the designer clothes and drive the money car. Have money people around too, and no, not all are stuck up. There’s some darlings among the money people. Erase a bad view on the word snob, too. Don’t aim to be low-key, that’s blue collar, but perhaps replace that with the word understated. We manifest our results by the thoughts we keep. For me, money in itself is a fun flow of energy, just like water. I’m a surfer of money!

  4. Andrew, this is awesome, so exciting that you did this for yourself.

    Putting pen to paper and unearthing those negative, limiting beliefs to turn them into positive, present tense affirmations…, if you’re not even aware of the negatives rolling around in your mind they’ll keep on “working” for you, but instead when you use these positive affirmations you’ll be on the road to abundance N.O.W. 😉

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