This video from TED-Ed by John Bellaimey is a very good summary of the world’s top five religions.

I am right, no, I am right.

I believe that everyone, regardless of their faith, belief or religion should study all the major religions with an open mind. Naturally, many people believe that there can only be one true way, one right way and that all others are wrong. This thinking is black and white and does not take into account that the rainbow is comprised of many different colors and even black and white have varying shades of gray between them!

Thinking that in order to be right, others must be wrong automatically, is the cause of a lot of misery, wars, fights and needless suffering. It plays out in our bedrooms and our boardrooms.

The key to success in life is to realize that others can be right at the same time as you can be right too. Rightness itself depends on one’s point of view.

Looking for similarities rather than differences leads to way more collaboration, cooperation and the solving of many of our collective problems.

Surely the world is better off if we can celebrate our differences rather than fight over them. More tolerance, inclusion, and understanding would go a long way.