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Mistake Mystique

This article is from INTUITION by Dr. R. Buckminister Fuller, pages 91 – 100.

Unlimited Wealth

Technology has fundamentally changed the old paradigm of Malthusian Economics, reshaping our business and personal lives. Many of what were scarce and hard to obtain resources of finite supply are now widely available and at a lower cost than ever, due to the multiplication and effectiveness of technology. This effect is known as Ephemeralization, a term coined by R. Buckminster Fuller, which means the process of doing more and more with less and less.

Technology controls both the definition and supply of physical resources and has made physical assets less important than intellectual assets. Each technological breakthrough produces a subsequent quantum leap in business growth, with constant increases in performance and decreasing costs. This is a powerful driver of new wealth.

These forces have been harnessed by entrepreneurs leading some of the world’s most successful companies. They are also available to you to create new wealth for yourself, family and community.

Check out this article published on Quartz > here, which explains how Elon Musk uses this principle to innovate. You will love it!


The Anticipatory Leader: Principles to Make the World Work

Fuller’s Leadership Principles:

  1. Think comprehensively.
  2. Anticipate the future.
  3. Respect gestation rates.
  4. Envision the best possible future.
  5. Be a “trim tab”—an individual who can initiate big changes.
  6. Take individual initiative.
  7. Ask the obvious and naive questions.
  8. Do more with less.
  9. Seek to reform the environment, not man.
  10. Solve problems through action.

Man knows so much and does so little.

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