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Using Leverage to Speed Up Your Success

This video is based on Marshall Thurber’s theory of Network Science. If you don’t understand the principle of leverage, you work too hard.

Be sure to read this post on Key-Leverage Points.

What Are Key Leverage Points?

This article explains why some people are 100x more productive and make 100x more money than you!

You will learn what Leverage is, how to identify Key Leverage Points, and how different leaders, employees, self-employed and business owners can apply Leverage to get more done in less time and dramatically increase their income!

You will discover how to use Leverage
to overcome resistance to change.

Work hard, go to school, get a degree, find a job, save money for retirement, and enjoy your golden years. Many of us are trained, programmed, and conditioned to live this way.

The focus of this advice is on security and hard work. We are told to live below our means and to delay gratification until retirement. But what if we retire without enough resources, medical bills drain our savings, or god forbid we die before we retire? Who wants to work themselves to death?

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