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The Dynamic Tension of Goals & Visions

Dynamic Tension Skiing.001

Most people drift through life without a meaningful vision of what they want to create. This lack of vision results in a lack of goals, which causes a lack of motivation. The common wisdom is that people avoid goals because they are afraid of failure; however, this is only part of the reason.

There are three primary reasons for avoiding goals:

  1. Failed goals from the past.
  2. Lack of a compelling vision.
  3. Inability to handle the tension created by the gap between the goal or vision and their present reality.

This tension is known as “Dynamic Tension” because it is fluid and represents the ever-moving relationship between where you are today and the goal or vision that you are moving towards.

The bigger the vision and the more challenging the goal – the more tension you will feel. As you close the gap, the tension reduces.

Lifeforce exists in this Dynamic Tension. The basic goal of life is survival; however, once you have handled your basic needs, your attention turns to higher value needs like achievement, success, status, community, self-expression, creativity, and contribution.

If you want more joy and fulfillment from life, set bigger goals and dream grander visions for yourself, your community, and the world. This will give you a reason to live, engage all of yourself, and create tension that will propel you to new levels.

Click on the below diagram for an illustration…

Dynamic Tension.001

If you are ready to have a different life, you must infuse your life with aliveness, desire, and passion…

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Q&A > What Does It Mean To CONFRONT?

Here is the definition of Confront:

CONFRONT: n. 1. An action of being able to face without flinching or avoiding. 2. The ability to be there comfortably and perceive.

So we see that to confront means to be able to see what is there, comfortably without flinching, wanting to withdraw or running away. Often, to fully understand a word, it is easier to look at the opposite. What does “non-confront” mean? It simply means the inability to see what is there. An inability to face something.

Why can’t we confront something? Because to confront means PAIN. It is too painful to view so we withdraw and refuse to look at the area.

Notice that the definition describes confront as an ability? It isn’t something you do, it is an ability that we develop over time. The ability to see more and more of the truth.

There is also what is call “low-confront” which is where a person can confront a little, can see a little of the truth of what is there… But not all of it.

How do you improve your ability to confront? The same way you improve any other ability, focus, attention and practice. And, dealing with the pain that had you not confronting the area in the first place.

As you can see, the ability to confront is directly connected to the ability to handle change. If a person can’t confront the future, or the unknown… Then they will stay in their comfort zone, and stuck in the past.

There are a whole set of processes to assist anyone in improving their ability to confront. These are available as part of the Optima Program.

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What Is The QUEST?

Do You Live Your Life Like You Are On a Quest?

The essence of the Quest is where you leave your comfort zone, known reality, sense of security, and attachments and step into the unknown to discover your true nature, destiny, unique gifts, qualities, values, and virtues.

During your journey to discover your true self, you encounter the limiting parts of yourself, weaknesses, limiting beliefs, blocks, self-suppression, unexpressed feelings, insecurities, jealousies, and doubts. In other words, you encounter your dark side. You also discover and encounter any opposition to your visions, goals, and dreams.

Felix the Flying Frog

(Original source unknown)

A Parable About Schedules, Cycle Times, and Shaping New Behaviors: Once upon a time there lived a man named Clarence who had a pet frog named Felix.

Clarence lived a modestly comfortable existence on what he earned working at the local Wal-Mart, but he always dreamed of being rich. “Felix!” he exclaimed one day “We’re going to be rich! I’m going to teach you how to fly!” Felix, of course, was terrified at the prospect. “I can’t fly, you idiot! I’m a frog, not a canary!” Clarence, disappointed at the initial reaction, told Felix “That negative attitude of yours could be a real problem. I’m sending you to class.”

So Felix went to a three day class and learned all about problem solving, time management, and effective communication. . . but nothing about flying.

On the first day of lessons, Clarence could barely control his excitement. He explained that their apartment building had 15 floors, and each day Felix would jump out of a window starting with the first floor, eventually getting to the top floor. After each jump, Felix would analyze how well he flew, isolate on the most effective flying techniques, and implement the improved process for the next flight. By the time they reached the top floor, Felix would surely be able to fly.

Felix pleaded for his life, but it fell on deaf ears. He just doesn’t understand how important this is, thought Clarence, but I won’t let nay-sayers get in the way.

So with that, Clarence opened the window and threw Felix out [who landed with a thud].

Next day, poised for his second flying lesson, Felix again begged not to be thrown out the window. With that Clarence opened his pocket guide to Managing More Effectively and showed Felix the part about how one must always expect resistance when implementing new programs. And with that, he threw Felix out the window. (THUD)

On the third day (at the third floor window) Felix tried a different ploy: stalling. He asked for a delay in the project until better weather would make flying conditions more favorable. But Clarence was ready for him: he produced a project time line and pointed to the third milestone and asked “You don’t want to slip the schedule, do you?” From his training Felix knew that not jumping today would mean that he would have to jump TWICE tomorrow. . . so he just said “OK. Let’s go.” And out the window he went. (THUD)

Now this is not to say that Felix wasn’t trying his best. On the fifth day he flapped his feet madly in a vain attempt to fly.

On the sixth day he tied a small red cape around his neck and tried to think Superman thoughts. But try as he may, he couldn’t fly.

By the seventh day, Felix, accepting his fate, no longer begged for mercy … he simply looked at Clarence and said “You know you’re killing me, don’t you?” Clarence pointed out that Felix’s performance so far had been less than exemplary, failing to meet any of the milestone goals he had set for him.

With that, Felix said quietly “Shut up and open the window.” And he leaped out, taking careful aim on the large jagged rock by the corner of the building. And Felix went to that great lily pad in the sky.

Clarence was extremely upset, as his project had failed to meet a single goal that he set out to accomplish. Felix had not only failed to fly, he didn’t even learn to steer his flight as he fell like a sack of cement … nor did he improve his productivity when Clarence told him to fall smarter, not harder.

The only thing left for Clarence to do was to analyze the process and try to determine where it had gone wrong. After much thought, Clarence smiled and said “Next time … I’m getting a smarter frog!”

Does Clarence sound like anyone you know?

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ZONE TIPS > Counter Intention

Most people/companies fail in their performance improvement goals because they only address their intention and leave out their unconscious COUNTER-INTENTION…

Sharing The Magic

By Sheryl Silva

We all have experiences when someone did something special for us, went beyond the call of duty or lifted our spirits when we needed it most. We call these experiences Magic Moments.  Truth is, most Magic Moments go by and are not acknowledged or recorded and often times a mere thank you does not seem enough.

Our experience shows that what you acknowledge – you get more of.  So when someone does something special for you, sending a specific note of appreciation and acknowledgement has them feeling very good – and encourages them to keep doing it.  We call this sharing the magic.

Our organization is an education and training company.  We would be happy to share what our policy is.  The purpose of our organization is to demonstrate Leadership in action and we have systems in place at work that compliment the purpose.  One such system, which has enhanced our working environment, is what we call “Magic Moments”.

Magic Moments System

The purpose of the “Magic Moments” is to optimize performance.  The system is designed as a way of sharing any thoughts, feelings or actions that people around us do or say that make our day brighter, happier more cheerful and loving.  It’s a way for team members to express their acknowledgement, feelings and support to other team members and themselves.

How the system works is, we have a form called “Magic Moments” with 19 different options (tick box format) of a good deed, action or expression such as:

  1. Spent time doing something for me
  2. Lifted my spirit when I needed it
  3. Demonstrated exceptional talent

There are 17 other options referred to as “Team Member Magic”.  These also include expressions acknowledging ourselves such as, “I mastered a system today” referred to as “Systems Magic”. Team members can also write a few lines of their own to express their appreciation personally to another teammate.

One person on the team is nominated as the “Magic/Anti-Magic Moments” coordinator.  When a team member appreciates another for something he or she did, they fill in a “Magic Moments” form addressed to the person and submits it to the coordinator who in turn will pass the form to the person for whom its meant.  Copies are filed and at the end of each month, the person who wrote the most forms and the person who received the most forms are given a reward.

Similarly, we have a “Anti-Magic Moments” which are incidents, upsets or behaviors that are anti-magic (i.e. create an environment that is not safe, harmonious or happy) or actions that are in violation of the companies stated policies, values and procedures and interfere with productivity, orderliness and the perceived ability to do ones job well.  It is also an opportunity for the team member to handle their side.

This system also comprises of a form called “Anti-Magic” with 24 different actions or expressions such as:

  1. Gossiping, blaming or directing abuse to another team member
  2. Abusive tone
  3. Reference to superiority (chauvinism, racism, sexism etc)

There are 21 other expressions referred to as “Team Member Corrections”.  These also include “System Violation” such as “Directive was given to me by someone who is not my direct leader”.  The procedure is again the same as the “Magic Moments”.

Everyone Is Included – No Exceptions

Both systems are across board for all staff with no exceptions to designations or positions held by individuals in our office.  The beauty of the system is that we feel appreciated and supported when we receive a Magic Moment.  That motivates us and boosts morale.

On the other hand, when an “Anti-Magic Moment” is received, the person is not yelled at or has his or her “head chopped off” because of it.  Instead, the team supports the individual to realize his/her behavior and helps them to correct their counter-productive behavior within a safe environment.

The leaders in our organization have high regard, care and concern for each team member and give a lot of their time to support team members through the process of self-improvement when needed and more so appreciating us for things we do.  These systems were created to ensure that each team member experiences a safe, fun and happy work environment everyday.

The organization invests in training all staff on how the system works which helps everyone to understand the purpose of the system and to appreciate it.

Each member on our team is committed to work by this system and it has contributed to us having great team spirit, high productivity and fun at work.  Every one of us look forward to coming to work everyday, knowing we will be supported and appreciated for simply being ourselves.

We are thankful to our leadership for implementing this system, as it’s a joy for each of us to work in an environment that is safe, calm, serene and above all fun.  My wish is for management of all organizations to implement such systems – as I can vouch for its effectiveness and success.  The more “Magic Moments” – the higher the team morale, productivity and profitability.

Mazimo Magic

Mazimo Magic is an online web based application that allows anyone to send appreciation in the form of “Magic Moments” with clients and colleagues and to identify “Anti-Magic Moments” that reduce service standards, disrupted team performance and caused reduced morale and lower productivity.

Best thing is, the Mazimo Magic Application keeps a record of every Magic Moment sent and received by you.  This enables you to keep them as long as you want, review later, print or forward to thers etc.

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Leadership Development Solutions

The Goldzone Leadership Curriculum offers comprehensive, custom Leadership Development Roadmaps.  Using the revolutionary New-Paradigm Leadership Model, participants master more effective tools, strategies and methods compared to the old style and traditional leadership models.  High stress and low performance is replaced with optimum personal and organizational performance.  >>> click here for more information >>>

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WOW Experience

Have you ever had a positive experience that you couldn’t forget? One that made a lasting impression on you? We call these “WOW Experiences.”

Over the c0ming years, we will be writing more about WOW Experiences and how you can create these in your everyday life, relationships and business.

The below article is from 2002 however, it is as relevant today as ever!

From Service Economy to Experience Economy

For years now, the world’s developed nations have seen a steady migration from producing goods to providing services.  Based on current figures available, on average the service sectors represent 65% to 80% of total GDP, with Industry around 30% and Agriculture ranging from a 1% for the United Kingdom, 1.7% for the United States and 7.4% for New Zealand.

Much of the manufacturing has moved to the lower cost emerging economies, which have seen a migration from the Agriculture sectors to Industry.  As the emerging economies have competed with each other for manufacturing business, their competency and capacity to add value through services have increased and become a strategic competitive advantage.

In the United States, 65 of the top 100 companies are from the service sector and the Bureau of Labor Statistics figures for the decade ending in 2010, predicts that goods-producing industries (like mining, construction, and manufacturing) will create 1.3 million new jobs, compared to 20 million for the service sector.

So the service sector continues to provide the majority of new jobs and fuels economic growth for most of the world’s economies.

The most significant trend in the service economy is the move towards experiences.  It is no longer enough to provide an adequate service that meets or even exceeds expectations.  In order to build a long-term relationship that compels clients to return over and over, it is necessary to provide a WOW Experience that is unforgettable and has them telling all their friends and associates.

WOW Experiences, are the strategic differentiator that will have one service provider stand out from another.

Here are some examples of WOW Experiences in action.

On a business trip, we checked into one of our favorite Hotels – the Ritz-Carlton.  We stay with them frequently so they have gotten to know us, and our preferences.  On this occasion, we not only paid the lowest rate possible for a standard room but were automatically upgraded to a $750 a night Club Suite.  One of the best features of this property is their Ritz-Carlton Club.  They serve complimentary drinks, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks in between.  We proceeded to have back to back meetings and not only had our meetings in the Club meeting room, but our guests also helped themselves to meals, drinks, and cappuccinos all day.

We were fully expecting to be billed for the extra guests and at the end of our stay the Club Manager winked and said don’t worry about it!  WOW!

On another occasion, we were at the Ritz-Carlton Resort & Spa in Bali.  This has got to be one of the best resorts on the planet!  The Hotel made a small mistake around our allocated room – and before we could say anything asked “how can we make it up to you?  Would you like a free meal, or perhaps a massage for you both?”

We both spoke in unison “the massage would be nice!”  Upon returning to our room, we noticed that there was an incense burner in the bathroom.  It was filled with the most beautiful smelling oils.  So we called the Butler in the Club and asked if they had any in the shop that we could buy to take home with us.  They called right back and said, “I am sorry the shop is out of stock, so is the spa and housekeeping had run out also.

We were disappointed but quickly let it go.  A half hour later the doorbell rang and a Balinese Maid was standing at the door with a huge beaming smile “here you go” and handed us a huge unmarked bottle.  WOW, they had searched high and low around the resort to locate the only bottle on the property – in order to make us happy.  “How much do we owe you?” we asked.  “Nothing” she replied. WOW.

At the end of our stay, we asked for a car to deliver us to the airport.  No problem.  “How much do we owe you,” we asked.  “Well, the usual charge is US$25 to the airport, but for you no charge.”

WOW, thank you!

We take the concept of WOW Experiences very seriously and are constantly looking for ways to provide these to our clients.  On one occasion a client was flying in to meet us from Hong Kong.  At the time, we had rented a beachfront Villa at the Le Meridien Resort & Spa, which was over an hours drive from the airport.  As this client had never flown in a helicopter, we arranged to have them met at the airport and secretly whisked to the helipad.  You can image the delight and surprise of their first flight in a helicopter!  A definite WOW Experience!

Contrast these experiences with a recent stay at the Five Star Stamford Plaza Hotel in Auckland, New Zealand.  In this case, we paid for an upgrade to an Executive Club Room.  The first thing that went wrong was our first room service order, and then our second order and then the third was wrong too.

Then on the second day, as we were in the Club Lounge surfing the Internet, a carpenter began to dismantle the room around us!  Huh, “what is going on?” we asked the carpenter.  he said, “We are renovating the Lounge and the Business Center”.  Oh, “how come no one mentioned this to us, and why are we paying for an upgrade when we can’t even use the Lounge?” we asked the Hotel Staff.  “Not to worry”, they said, “it will be finished by the end of next week, sorry for the inconvenience.”

What?  We called the front office and asked for the upgrade to be refunded.  To give you the short version we had to argue with the Hotel to get what we wanted, and in the end, they never made any attempt to make amends for the problems and only did the minimum necessary.

This is what you would describe as a “negative wow experience” where we will advise our friends, and associates to not stay with this Hotel.

More than any other time in history it is no longer adequate to do the minimum necessary.  In order to make it in the hyper-competitive economy of the future, it is necessary to provide WOW experiences.

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If Humans Can Crash a Spacecraft into a Comet Traveling at Over 69,000 miles per hour

If we can crash a spacecraft into a comet – then you can design and live your ideal life. On the 4th of July 2005, 130 million KM from earth, a NASA spacecraft launched a 372 KG copper projectile that crashed into the surface of the Tempel Comet. If we can make this happen then you can make your life work in the way you want… Goldzone can help you!

The Optima Zones of Life

All of life can be measured on a scale from FULLY ALIVE at the top to NEARLY DEAD at the bottom (in fact DEATH is the bottom of the scale.) We call this scale the OPTIMA ZONES OF LIFE as it is divided into seven Zones, or categories.

Each Zone is represented by a color. The colors are GOLD, BLUE, GREEN, YELLOW, ORANGE, RED, and BROWN.

Most of us fluctuate somewhere from the top to the bottom, throughout the day, from day to day and year to year. On average we spend most of our time in one particular place or Zone of the scale.

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