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Wall of Death

Zone LEARNING > The Fastest Way to Learn Anything!


It’s time to bring back the joy of learning.

Consider how we learned as children. We touched everything, tasted everything, played with everything, asked questions about everything. All our senses were engaged in a process of discovering the world around us.

5 Reasons Why Spending Money on Experiences Makes Us Happier

Love & Spiritual Power

This video is an excerpt from the GOLDZONE Experience.

All intangibles grow when they are shared!

If a business operates on the purpose of making money only, sacrificing principles in order to make money, what type of products will they produce?

A purpose-driven business operates differently!

When Is The Best Time To Visit Thailand?

We love organizing educational and expansive experiences in Thailand! My first visit was in 1989. Wow, have things changed since then!

When is the best time to go to Thailand? When you are hungry. When you are bored. When you need a friend. When you are lonely. When you are tired. When you need a change of pace. When you need an updraft. GOLDZONE + Thailand = MAGIC. Now is the best time, RIGHT NOW!

We look forward to seeing you at your next GOLDZONE Event in Thailand!


Welcome To Your GOLDZONE Experience

This beautiful compilation video and music is from the grand opening of the 3-Day GOLDZONE Experience.

So many people are suffering from time poverty. They are so busy living inside the matrix, rushing here, rushing there, that they don’t stop and ask what they really want. It is as if there is a competition for who can arrive at the destination the fastest, with the most money, only to get there and discover the destination is DEATH. That’s the end of the line, at least in this life. Why rush and hurry so fast to get there?

Learn the principles of leverage and high performance so you can work less, achieve more, stress less, relax more, make more money and have more time to enjoy it with the people you love.

Make today, the day, you commit to stopping and smelling the roses.

Join us for the next live GOLDZONE Experience > here. In the meantime, enjoy!

Go For Gold, Two Types of Stress, Beauty & Clean Slate

This is a low-res live video of Day 3 of the GOLDZONE experience. We have days and days of video footage of every piece and our plan is to edit them into bite-sized sections and post them for you. In the meantime, I thought this would be useful as a review. It is packed with excellent ideas, tools, stories and know-how!

The discussion of Clean Slate starts at about 45:45 on the video.

Anjou MacPherson Guided Visualization

Experience Exponential

How to Feel More Beautiful

True Beauty

What would happen to your life if you surrounded
yourself with all things beautiful?

What does it mean to be beautiful? Beauty is something that we all recognize instinctively. Even three-month-old babies smile longer at faces that appear more attractive.

Most of us would agree that beauty is pleasing to the senses and to be beautiful means to possess qualities that give great pleasure to see, hear, touch, feel or to think about. In other words, these qualities delight our senses.

So seductive are the charms of beauty that we spend huge amounts of money with reckless abandon at the slightest hope of looking younger, fresher, more attractive. This has spawned a huge industry that is often criticized as shallow, self-indulgent and materialistic. Increased mental health issues are blamed on massive advertising spending that encourages an obsession with looks, youth, and attractiveness. Most religions promote a more austere, conservative outlook more focused on the life after death than the pursuit of beauty, seduction and aesthetic.

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