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Unfamiliar Word or Term?

Misunderstood words have an enormous impact on your comprehension of a subject. Many of us feel stupid when we encounter a word we do not understand or cannot pronounce.

Becoming a Master of any subject area requires developing an in-depth understanding of the terminology of that particular field. As you read an article or post, be aware of any stuck attention and words that make you feel dumb or ignorant and look them up in a dictionary or this site’s Glossary.

The Glossary includes the works of Andrew John Harrison and Anjou MacPherson, complimented by the American Heritage Dictionary.

Definitions and terms include those commonly used in GOLDZONE Programs. In some cases, we have included only the meanings relevant to the consulting, training, and coaching context. For a full definition, refer to a dictionary.

UNLEARNING > Letting Go of the Old


Most education, coaching, and training focus on adding more information on top of what we already know. The new information often conflicts with old assumptions, thoughts, ideas, and feelings. As a result, much of the value of the new information is lost.

This is one of the reasons why some of the smartest and best-educated people take the dumbest actions. It is also why we age so much. Have you ever seen a young person who looks, feels, and acts old? How about an old person who looks, feels, and acts older than their actual age?

Evolution is an amazing process that replaces the old with the new. If our ideas and ways of being are not kept relevant, we end up extinct. Like you know… the dinosaurs.

Today’s world is highly competitive, and with new technologies, the pace of change is so fast it isn’t easy to keep up.

The solution to this problem is to constantly engage in a process of UNLEARNING where old “stuff” is challenged, upgraded, or thrown out. We call this unlearning process “Clean Slate” because it is like wiping a slate clean and starting all over again.

Who couldn’t do with a fresh start once in a while?

If you are ready to have a different kind of life, then you must infuse your life with aliveness, desire, and passion…

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