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Stress Reduces Quality of Life And Performance

With the pace of change accelerating at ever increasing rates, the world is becoming more and more stressful. How we cope with change and the resultant stress has a huge impact on our quality of life and our work performance.

Executive burnout is a direct result of an inability to cope and is a major cause of lost productivity, as is employee absenteeism and medical leave. Many high-performance people focus on one or two primary areas of life and neglect the other areas. This leads to imbalance, stress and unhappiness. Eventually, stress in one primary area of life will impact our performance in all areas.

Think about it… how can you be wired up in one area and not have this “creep” into other areas?

What would happen if our lives were optimized in all areas and fully integrated? What would happen to our quality of life and our performance?


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  1. Water Tay

    Whilst hosting some corporate functions, I could actually feel the stress level of the executives during these times, and I can say it is not a nice feeling and I have to put in lots of energy to try to raise the morale (at least for just one night). I have also seen people taken ill to the extend of a mental breakdown 🙁

    On the other hand, to my suprise, a farewell dinner for an un-named company with 3/4 of the work force already retrenched (they came back for the event) had the highest mood level ! Everybody were so happy to see their ex-colleagues. So liberated. Probably free from all the fears and anticipation of the sack.

    It taught me that fear and gloom can seize a person, and yet once after feeling it and coming out from the other side, the energy it presents.

  2. Fiona.

    So stress is the ‘disease’ of the 21st century, and we all agree on that..what is the solution? How do we live an integrated, holistic, optimized life?

  3. Ric

    I agree someone stress at work will definitely impacts their personal life or the other way round. How often you know or saw someone stress at work and go back and take it out on their kids of spouse.

    Optimized all areas of my life will definitely up all my results and efficiency.
    Love that.

  4. This connects well in what you wrote earlier about fragmentation. Many people say that they separate work and home life, however in my experience when someone has stress at work it definitely impacts their personal life and vice-a-versa. Therefore an integrated life would be a more holistic approach where my personal life and my professional life would be in harmony which would enhance my quality of life and enhance my performance. Sounds optimal to me!!!

  5. The stress levels of executive’s in the midst of the financial crisis must be exaggerating the effects of this now…..

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