This series of questions prompts you to think deeply about your vision and purpose in life. It will become very clear to you that regardless of your intentions, mastering your finances is necessary to realize your full potential.

Most people achieve so much less than they are capable of. They set their sights too low. They accept mediocrity when they should be raising their standards and reaching for the best they can be. How to do this if you have no vision in mind? It requires some insight into what you are capable of.

In this questionnaire, you will explore:
  • Your background and beliefs about money, work, and purpose.
  • Your ideas around what a dream life looks like.
  • What your strengths and weakness are.
  • Where your time goes and if your needs are being met.
  • Where your money comes from and what your needs for retirement are.
  • and much more!

Congratulations. By taking this step you have put yourself ahead of 99% of people who never take the time to think about such things!

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