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Unconscious Mind

1. The stimulus-response mechanism of the mind that is not under conscious control. This mechanism exerts force and the power of command over a person’s awareness, purposes, thoughts, body, and actions.

Unrecognized Asset

An asset that an individual, team, or business has that they are unaware of or don’t recognize their true value. These assets are not listed on their financial statement or balance sheet and include relationships, customer base, vendors, investors, systems, ideas, know-how, specialized knowledge, marketing strategies, technologies, excess capacity, talent, capability, free time, creativity, written off inventory, custom software, current expenditure, unexplored markets, wasted resources, etc. and ways these assets are valuable to others and can be monetized.


1. Lying. 2. The state of being untrue, falsehood and incorrectness. 3. Inaccurately predicted consequences, outcomes, and accomplishments. 4. The wrong who, what, where, when, how, why, mood and intention.

Upper Limit

1. The maximum amount of anything that a person can receive, have or own. Once an upper limit has been reached, the receiving person subconsciously projects their lack of self-worth onto the giving person, entity, environment or money. Devaluing everything over and above their upper limit.

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