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1. The time when something happens or is done especially when it is thought of as having a good or bad effect on the result. 2. The ability to choose the best moment for some action, movement, etc. 3. The ability of a performer, esp. in comedy, to deliver lines, react, cut in, etc., at whatever tempo will create the desired effect. 4. The practice of investing financial assets to certain asset classes, sectors, countries, etc. to take advantage of short-term opportunities. Market timing is an active, research-based strategy vs the buy-and-hold strategy which focuses on longer timeframes.

Top Dog

1. The phenomena where people who have an agreement to cooperate, openly or covertly see others as rivals and compete to be the best, number one, most successful, leader or superior person through sabotage, suppression or domination. 2. One considered to have the dominant position or highest authority, especially as a result of a competitive victory.


1. A module consisting of a radio receiver and transmitter. 2. Any person, place, object, or subject that can receive and transmit.


1. A direction or course of movement; a flow. A trend is the direction of power. An uptrend means that power is directed upward. A downtrend means that power is withdrawn from an area or that power is directed downward.


1. The quality of conformity with fact; correctness; accuracy. 2. The exactness of the correct who, what, where, when, how, why, mood and intention.

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