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1. Encompassing the whole of something; overall; inclusive. 2. From the theory that studying the whole picture is more productive than studying its parts or symptoms individually. 3. Relating to the medical treatment of the complete person, physically, psychologically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. 4. A way of life that that is integrated, making all areas of life important and not sacrificing one area for another.

Holistic Learning

1. An approach to learning that includes the whole person, different modalities, and tailors the learning to the learner’s predispositions. 2. Two or more individuals who work together or collaborate to master a new subject or acquire new skills, abilities or knowledge.

Holistic Vision

1. The whole or entire mental image of how one sees or conceives of something. 2. The big picture. 3. The full view that covers all aspects of the endeavor and what you want to accomplish out of the big picture.

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