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1. the rate of change with respect to the distance of a variable quantity, as temperature or pressure, in the direction of maximum change. 2. A gradual approach to something, taken step by step, level by level, each step or level being, of itself, easily surmountable so that, finally, quite complicated and difficult activities or high-performance states can be achieved with relative ease.


An excessive desire to acquire or possess more than what one needs or deserves, especially with respect to material wealth, power, status or food.


1. The 5th out of 7 zones on the Optima Zones scale. 2. The results produced by enthusiastic, heartfelt action. 3. The state of being in the right place at the right time. Everything seems to go right, and most things work for the person in this zone. 4. The Greenzone person is happy, enthusiastic, and prosperous. 5. As a leader, the Greenzone person influences, empowers and encourages others.

Greenzone Paradigm

The thoughtforms, rules, beliefs, and operating assumptions that produces a Greenzone result.


1. An Intense emotional feeling of suffering that is caused by loss, disaster, misfortune, regret, etc. 2. Acute sorrow; deep sadness. The person in grief cries for help and pleas for sympathy. 3. Expressed as sorrow. When a person cannot feel or express their grief, or they refuse to accept a loss, they suppress, deny and disown it often resulting in a state of denial as if the loss or cause of their grief never happened. 4. Grief as an emotion is in the Redzone and Denial is in the Brownzone.

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