1. To move or be moved freely from one place to another in large numbers or amounts in a steady unbroken stream. 2. To move through the veins and arteries of the body (refers especially to blood) 3. To be expressed uninhibitedly and eloquently. 4. To be readily available and consumed in large amounts. 5. To be experienced very intensely, often in a way that is visible to other people. 6. To derive from something as a result or series of results (literary.) 7. To fall or hang loosely and gracefully. 8. To move toward the land as the tide rises (refers to the sea or tidal water.) 9. To change shape gradually in response to pressure without the development of cracks or fissures. 10. The steady unbroken stream of people, goods, vehicles, money, or information from one place to another. 11. The continuous eloquent expression of thoughts or ideas in speech or writing. 12. Psychological and physical experience in which challenges presented is perfectly matched by the participants’ skills, often resulting in heightened states of awareness, confidence, and performance.