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1. The state of being calm, stable, and composed, especially under stress. Derived from “aequus,” a Latin adjective meaning level or equal. From the combination of aequus and animus (soul or mind) in the Latin phrase aequo animo, which means “with even mind.” 2. To the degree that you develop your Emotional Intelligence, you will also increase your stability. 3. Unresolved painful emotional experiences from your past detract from your ability to maintain equanimity. 4. The state where you can maintain your emotional state or mood without absorbing, reacting, or being affected by another person’s negative expression of emotions.


1. The state or quality of being just and fair. 2. Ownership interest in a corporation, property, or another asset, usually calculated as the value of the holding after subtracting any debt or liabilities. 3. Shares of stock. 4. The value of a brand’s reputation. 5. Representing an ownership interest: an equity stake. 6. Subordinated to all other claims on income, earnings, or assets.

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