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1. The condition of being bored or uninterested. 2. Weariness or dissatisfaction resulting from inactivity or lack of interest.


1. The 1st of 7 levels on the Optima Zones. 2. When a person suffers a severe loss and cannot express their grief, they restrain it and become emotionally apathetic. 3. When a person has totally given up and nothing they do works.  They are totally in the wrong place at the wrong time. 4. A major state of denial and unconsciousness, unaware of factors that affect them or others.


1. The amount of money or resources earmarked for a particular institution, activity or time-frame. 2. An itemized summary of estimated or intended expenditure for a given period; usually coupled with expected revenue. 3. A systematic plan for the expenditure of a usually fixed resource, such as money or time, during a given period. 4. The total sum of money allocated for a particular purpose or period of time.


1. A coaching drill where the coach attempts to find certain actions, words, phrases, mannerisms or subjects that cause the person doing the drill to become distracted from the drill by reacting to the coach. 2. A challenging and very unpleasant drill, however, it is extremely effective at bringing unconscious reactions to awareness so that they may be resolved using a Clean Slate process.


1. A particular trade or profession. 2. A company or other organization that buys and sells goods, makes products or provides services. 3. Commercial activity involving the exchange of money for goods or services. 4. The amount of commercial activity or patronage that exists at a particular time. 5. Commercial practice or procedure. 6. The commercial dealings that a person or organization has with another company or individual. 7. Tasks or important things that a person has to do or deal with. 8. Personal responsibilities and concerns. 9. A situation or event that is characterized by difficulty, fuss, or unpleasantness. 10. Activities or things that are not clearly described or defined. 11. An action or series of actions performed by an actor for dramatic or comic effect, or to fill in a pause when little is happening on stage. Also called stage business. 12. Something very impressive or excellent (informal).

Business Owner

An individual or entity who owns a business with the expectation of profiting from the successful operations of the company. Generally, they have decision-making abilities and first right to profit.


1. Items, words, phrases, subjects or areas that cause a response or reaction in an individual by the words or actions of other people; causing the person discomfort, embarrassment, upset, or uncontrollable laughter. 2. Restimulators, words, voice tones, music, that are part of the unconscious mind. 4. It is called a button because when you push it (say it) you get a reaction. 5. Buttons are often used by manipulators to gain control over a person by triggering a reaction in them. 6. The more a person uses Clean Slate processes to resolve their buttons, the more conscious, in control, free, and empowered they become.


A passive investment strategy that involves buying an asset and holding it over the long term despite any market price fluctuations.


An active investment strategy that involves buying an asset and selling it as soon as possible. The basic idea is to buy low and sell high by timing the market.

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