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Financial Crisis: Expansion

With the world embroiled in a global recession for the first time since the 1940’s, a lot of what we had accepted as “the way things are” has been turned upside down. Sure, there have been recessions in most regions, however it has been over 60 years since we had a global recession.

One thing a lot of people had taken for granted was that we could keep on expanding forever. This caused a bubble from over expansion when prices lost touch with fundamentals and in the end, turned out to be unsustainable.

Greed drove markets to higher and higher levels, and now that things have crashed back to earth, fear has driven (and continues to drive) markets lower and lower to such a level that we have, once again, lost touch with the fundamentals.

As you can see, we have swung between these two extremes that are driven by emotions at opposite ends of the spectrum.

Often times it is fear of contraction that holds people back from expanding. This is similar to not wanting to try something in case you fail at it. The thought is that it is better to not try than it is to fail.

The problem is, if we don’t grow, we don’t expand, we don’t stretch ourselves, we don’t set goals, we don’t visualize brighter futures, we have nothing to look forward to. We are living in our comfort zone.

When we are in our comfort zone, we are NOT running into limiting beliefs, limiting paradigms, or limited ability.

It is only when we expand and grow that we run into our limits. It is only then that we discover what we don’t know, and what we cannot yet do. It is only then that we discover everything that is against our goals, visions and progress.

In a world that exists on the universal law of duality, we are either growing or we are dying. There is no such thing as a holding pattern. This means that the comfort zone is in fact a slow death. If we stand still, we do not remain motionless. The world around us continues and we, in fact, regress. So doing nothing is like regression and growing is the only way to move forward and claim the prize of a life fully lived.

So what is it that has people not growing, not expanding and not taking risks? FEAR. And the false belief that if they do nothing, their situation will improve. If a company is losing money and the management does nothing, then the company will be in a worse condition in six months time than it is now. Something has got to change in order to turn the financial position around.

This is the same with bad careers, relationships, health, etc. If you do nothing, you may become numb to the problem; however, you will not solve the problem.  It will only get worse and will be more difficult to solve later.

Most people only take action when an emergency is upon them and they can delay no longer. The pain of taking action is less than the pain of emergency. This is a very stressful way to live and it is completely unnecessary.

So, why do people stop growing, set no goals, visions, and not commit to plans? The answer may surprise you. It is because at some time in the past, the person had a painful experience, made a number of conclusions based on that experience, and formed a belief or precept on how they would live in the future so as to avoid the pain.

Whenever a person sets a new goal, plans or envisions a future, they invoke all the unresolved past incidents that are similar to their current goals, plans and visions. This can be very depressing and painful! Usually, the person will not realize that this mechanism has activated, and will look for causes within their present time to blame for their condition and their feelings. Usually the blame is put on some person who is perhaps not faultless… But certainly didn’t do it to them. Blaming others or outside events only serves to avoid the real truth of what the cause of the failure is. And, unless the truth is uncovered… It will reoccur again, and again.

If you think that you will arrive at a point in life where you have “arrived” and your learning and growing will stop… Then you don’t understand how life works!

The worst thing you can do is hope that this problem will resolve itself… And therefore do nothing.

How do you end this cycle and accelerate your expansion?

This is perhaps the most difficult thing to do… set new goals, dream new dreams and do the opposite of what everyone else is doing. It is at times like this when the most opportunities exist. Take some risks, venture out and know with confidence that the recession will not last and the market will soon be back into growth.

Now is your opportunity to lead. Go for an extraordinary existence, living an extraordinary life with extraordinary people and achieve extraordinary results.

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  1. Diana

    Very true. I can relate to the wanting to stay in my comfort zone, not expand, fear of failure, avoiding pain, and really not living life and I can also relate to pushing myself beyond my limits, going for it no matter what, and living life full out and I have to say that the later is truly a more fulfilling way to live. Every time I overcome a challenge (even if it takes me many times of failing to overcome it) I have more confidence, clarity, and certainty, which I never achieve when I give up. In fact the opposite is true when I fail and give up I feel more uncertain, insecure, and unclear. I chose to go for extraordinary.

  2. Dr.Dee

    I agree 100%! Thank you for the article!

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