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Category: Psychology


1. A belief in something or an impression that is firmly maintained despite being contradicted by what is generally accepted as fact, reality or rational argument. Resulting from deception, misconception or misassignment. 2. The action of deluding someone or the state of being deluded. 3. In severe cases can be symptomatic of mental disorder.

Covert Hostility

1. A term used interchangeably with Passive Aggressive to describe behavior that is disguised hostility and aggression. 2. Hatred, hostility, and aggression that is disguised by a pretense of friendliness interspersed with negative, cruel or cutting remarks; for example, “What a beautiful dress; I saw one just like it at the Salvation Army the other day.”

Conscious Mind

1. The conscious aspect of the mind that is aware of something external and internal, the present moment, thinks, observes data, remembers, and resolves problems. 2. Sentience, awareness, the ability to feel and experience. 3. The executive function of the mind that acts versus the unconscious mind that reacts.


1. Governed by, or showing evidence of, clear and sensible thinking and judgment, based on reason rather than emotion or prejudice. 2. Able to think clearly and sensibly, because the mind is not impaired by physical or mental condition, violent emotion, or prejudice. 3. Presented or understandable in terms that accord with reason and logic or with scientific knowledge and are not based on appeals to emotion or, prejudice. 4. Endowed with the ability to reason, as opposed to being
governed solely by instinct and appetite.

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