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Denial is a defense mechanism in which a person who is faced with a fact, feeling, situation or reality that is uncomfortable or painful to accept, repeatedly rejects it, despite overwhelming evidence.

Three different types of Denial are as follows:

  1. “Basic Denial” is when the person outright denies the reality of an unpleasant fact, feeling, situation or reality.
  2. “Minimization” is when a person admits the fact, but denies how serious it is.
  3. “Transference” is when a person admits the facts and seriousness, but denies any responsibility and transfers responsibility to someone else.


Financial Stress


Fragmentation Leads to Stress


  1. Fiona.

    Not only the credit crisis, I think denial is a defence mechanism in many areas of life until someone takes responsibility for what is happening in their life and determines to do something about it.

  2. This sound just like the comments that were being made during 2008 about the financial crisis…..

  3. Very interesting post, I must give this some more thought.

  4. Ross

    This describes the credit crisis and those involved!

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