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What is your level of Consciousness?

Did you know that the higher your Consciousness, the more results you get? Consciousness can be measured on a scale. There are 7 Zones or categories of Consciousness. Download free slides, workbook and bonus $125 gift now! >>>

The Quest with Stuart Wilde

This audio program is a compilation of The Eternal Now, 33 Steps to the Infinite Self, Freedom, The Little Money Bible, The Mastery of Money, and How to Create Miracles in Your Life.

As a minimum, we suggest you listen to this entire program at least 33 times. That’s a lot of listening. The more you listen, the luckier you will become!

The Eternal Now – Stuart Wilde

The Eternal Now has nothing to do with time, nothing to do with past, present or future. It is a state of awareness that is outside of time, altogether.

Your life, the destiny that you live, is an exact replica of your thoughts and feelings…

Foundations of Tibetan Mysticism

What Is Reality?

If you are like most people, your relationship with time is simple. The past is gone, the future hasn’t happened yet, so all we have is the present.

We Are From The Future

I have watched this compilation video more than 50 times. The scenes from movies are amazing!

I am still trying to get my head around the concept that both the past and the future impact and change the present. It is easier to conceive of the past impacting us, but the future?

Science Saved My Soul

Dear Leaders:

It was 2010 when I stumbled onto this video. I could not take my eyes off it. The title itself says it all. “Science Saved My Soul.”

“I stepped out of a Super Nova, and so did you!”

Wow. Humbling.

I am sure this video will move you too. I look forward to your comments.

The World’s Major Religions – Who is Right?

This video from TED-Ed by John Bellaimey is a very good summary of the world’s top five religions.

I am right, no, I am right.

I believe that everyone, regardless of their faith, belief or religion should study all the major religions with an open mind. Naturally, many people believe that there can only be one true way, one right way and that all others are wrong. This thinking is black and white and does not take into account that the rainbow is comprised of many different colors and even black and white have varying shades of gray between them!

Thinking that in order to be right, others must be wrong automatically, is the cause of a lot of misery, wars, fights and needless suffering. It plays out in our bedrooms and our boardrooms.

The Magic Mantra

Ek Ong Kar Sat Gur Prasad

This is the story of the Ek Ong Kar Mantra and how it became my much loved and favorite Magic Mantra for connecting, releasing and transforming negativity into positivity and optimism.

Screenshot 2015-10-06 22.36.00

First a little history, a couple of love stories and a little culture.

Anjou was born in the city of Ludhiana, located in the Indian state of Punjab. According to her parents, Anjou was conceived at the foothills of the Himalaya on their honeymoon.

How you get your start in the world is everything.

Q&A > What Is The QUEST?

Do You Live Your Life Like You Are On a Quest?

The essence of the Quest is where you leave your comfort zone, known reality, sense of security, and attachments and step into the unknown to discover your true nature, destiny, unique gifts, qualities, and virtues.

During your journey to discover your true self, you encounter the limiting parts of yourself, weaknesses, limiting beliefs, blocks, self-suppression, unexpressed feelings, insecurities, jealousies, and doubts. In other words, you encounter your dark side. You also discover and encounter any opposition to your visions, goals, and dreams.

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