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Goldzone Leadership Seminar October 14, 2020

  • Seminar: Goldzone Leadership Seminar
  • Presenter: Andrew John Harrison
  • Duration: Three Hours
  • Recorded: October 14, 2020
  • Medium: Zoom

This 2-Hour Seminar was recorded live via zoom on October 14, 2020. The seminar was originally scheduled for two hours, however, it continued for three hours. Bonus!

Below are various documents to download including workbook, slides, and other complimentary resources. Enjoy!

Seminar Resources & Downloads:

The Science of Persuasion

Are You a Manager or a Leader?

The New Rules of Leadership: 2-Hour Seminar

We are in the midst of a crisis of leadership where the old rules that made us successful no longer work! When the prevailing paradigm changes, the rules change, and the incumbent players lose their advantage. In this 2-hour seminar, we discuss why everyone needs to learn the new rules to succeed in the future! If you are having challenges leading or working with people of a different generation to you, listen to this audio seminar and learn why that is and what you can do about it!

10 Keys To Power Communication

I started my first business in 1994. I was young, inexperienced and had no idea just how dramatic the roller-coaster of business would be. What I lacked in experience, I made up for with hard work, enthusiasm, grit, and determination. My partners certainly had their hands full because I was also stubborn, perhaps a little hardheaded.

The business expanded rapidly, and we generated $3.3 million (in 2017 dollars) in our first 8 months.

We hired lots of salespeople and created a sales manual for them to have tools, tips, and guidelines at their fingertips. In this article, you will find an excerpt directly out of our original manual. It is as relevant today as it was back in 1994!

2006 GOLDZONE Leaders’ Academy Symposium Fashion Show

The Anticipatory Leader: Principles to Make the World Work

Fuller’s Leadership Principles:

  1. Think comprehensively.
  2. Anticipate the future.
  3. Respect gestation rates.
  4. Envision the best possible future.
  5. Be a “trim tab”—an individual who can initiate big changes.
  6. Take individual initiative.
  7. Ask the obvious and naive questions.
  8. Do more with less.
  9. Seek to reform the environment, not man.
  10. Solve problems through action.

Man knows so much and does so little.

Compassion: True Communication

Believe it or not, this is an ad for a communications company. The Thais have a way of producing these moving ads that go straight past cultural filters and to the heart of human emotion.

This is leadership in action. Who can you help today?

Everyone Needs A Coach

The world’s best actors, athletes, investors, and business people have coaches. Most average and ordinary people see having a coach as unnecessary, expensive, and a waste of money.


If a coach could help you to double your income, isn’t that a good investment?

20 Keys To Lead Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime, & Get Results!

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