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Co-Founder of the Goldzone Group. My quest for the best of life has taken me to more than 500 cities in 54 countries. I research and share general topics of interest to me including; technology, leadership, business, finance, spirituality, travel, health and wellness. In the process, I have started over 20 companies. Every day is a new learning experience!

Goldzone Leadership Seminar October 14, 2020

  • Seminar: Goldzone Leadership Seminar
  • Presenter: Andrew John Harrison
  • Duration: Three Hours
  • Recorded: October 14, 2020
  • Medium: Zoom

This 2-Hour Seminar was recorded live via zoom on October 14, 2020. The seminar was originally scheduled for two hours, however, it continued for three hours. Bonus!

Below are various documents to download including workbook, slides, and other complimentary resources. Enjoy!

Seminar Resources & Downloads:

Man’s Search for Meaning

Man’s Search for Meaning is one of the all-time great books on life meaning and purpose by Viktor Frankl. First published in 1946, Frankl chronicles his experiences as a prisoner in Nazi concentration camps during World War II.

When faced with unimaginable suffering, there are four differing approaches one could take; 1) to give up and resign oneself to fate 2) turn to religion 3) spiritualize the circumstances 4) find practical purpose and meaning in life, then immersively imagine a positive outcome.

The Science of Persuasion

Are You a Manager or a Leader?

What is your level of Consciousness?

Did you know that the higher your Consciousness, the more results you get? Consciousness can be measured on a scale. There are 7 Zones or categories of Consciousness. Download free slides, workbook and bonus $125 gift now! >>>

The New Rules of Leadership: 2-Hour Seminar

We are in the midst of a crisis of leadership where the old rules that made us successful no longer work! When the prevailing paradigm changes, the rules change, and the incumbent players lose their advantage. In this 2-hour seminar, we discuss why everyone needs to learn the new rules to succeed in the future! If you are having challenges leading or working with people of a different generation to you, listen to this audio seminar and learn why that is and what you can do about it!

The Quest with Stuart Wilde

This audio program is a compilation of The Eternal Now, 33 Steps to the Infinite Self, Freedom, The Little Money Bible, The Mastery of Money, and How to Create Miracles in Your Life.

As a minimum, we suggest you listen to this entire program at least 33 times. That’s a lot of listening. The more you listen, the luckier you will become!

The Eternal Now – Stuart Wilde

The Eternal Now has nothing to do with time, nothing to do with past, present or future. It is a state of awareness that is outside of time, altogether.

Your life, the destiny that you live, is an exact replica of your thoughts and feelings…

Affirmations – Stuart Wilde

How to expand your personal power and take back control of your life!

Affirmations by Stuart Wilde is not just a collection of nice words to say to yourself but serves as a magnificent battle-plan, where you learn to expand the power you already have in order to win back absolute control of your life.

“Using the power of the light within you, you are able to pull energy from the Universal Mind. It will give you a transcendent view that you can use for any endeavor you choose. Many great people in history have understood the simplicity of this power and used it to exhibit genius.” —Stuart Wilde

Once you understand the concepts taught in Affirmations, you will be able to rightly affirm, “My expectations are truly limitless.”

90-Year-Old Hikes, Bikes, Swims and Plays Sports!

90-year-old John Carter, still hikes, bikes, swims and plays sports. It’s rare to see a 90 something doing any kind of physical activity. After a swan dive from the 10-foot dive board, he jokes that no other 90-year-olds are well enough to join him.

Courtesy of devonsupertramp

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