Andrew John Harrison is the Co-founder of Goldzone Group and Renaissance for Leaders. Harrison is known as a “force of nature” for everyone who is fortunate to meet him.





Andrew John Harrison

Co-founder, Goldzone Group

Harrison is an Entrepreneur, Impact Investor, Conscious Leadership Advocate, Patron of the Arts, and Educator.

During a career that spans more than 30 years, Harrison’s work has impacted millions of people around the world. After visiting more than 500 cities in 54 countries, Harrison created this seminar to give success-minded, action-oriented leaders, entrepreneurs, and investors new tools, strategies, and know-how to thrive in today’s disruptive economy.

Co-creator of the Goldzone body of knowledge, creator of the Optima Zones®, and author of the Goldzone Education Curriculum, Harrison has hired many well-known leaders and developed a corporate client list that reads like a “Who is Who” of business, including many of the world’s top companies.

Besides founding more than twenty companies, Harrison is best known for his ability to articulate complex ideas, strategies, and concepts in a way that anyone can understand and implement.

When Harrison speaks, people listen. A riveting, memorable public speaker and master communicator, Harrison has designed, produced, and presented over 500 seminars, talks, and engagements with live audiences up to 5,000.