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Welcome!  Written by leaders for leaders, this website is dedicated to the art, science, and practice of Conscious Leadership in Action.  Brought to you by Goldzone Education with the purpose of inspiring and infusing passion into old world system through personal leadership.

We post articles, tips, ideas, thoughts, and comments on a regular basis (often daily).

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We are drowning in mediocrity and constantly bombarded with more and more messages every day. What we need is courageous leaders who visualize innovative products, services, and business models that bring more spirit and meaning into people’s everyday lives.

Spirit, meaning, significance, contribution. Aren’t these all spiritual values and needs we all share? Well most of us anyway…

How do you infuse your life with passion? How do you engage the hearts, minds, bodies and souls of the people working within your organization?

Answering that question and infusing passion into old world businesses and stale leaders is the primary mission of leadership. And it is impossible to ask for passion in others if passion is missing in you. Passion is inspired not imposed or forced.

A fully optimized organization with team members whose lives are fully integrated into all areas and leaders who are passionate revolutionaries that inspire this ideal in others is what the world needs and is what this website is all about…

We look forward to getting to know you better…

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1 Comment

  1. WOW after reading this ‘About’ I feel a fire raging inside of me – a combination of anger and passion! The words ringing in my head are “drowning in mediocrity”!

    The next phrase that pushes to the forefront of my mind is “Mediocrity breeds Contempt” and thinking of how ugly contempt is and the overwhelming tidal wave of mediocrity that surrounds us today makes me angry – angry because mediocrity and contempt are symptoms of death. If things aren’t improving and growing then they are decaying and dying.

    The dictionary describes ‘Contempt’ as being “a willful act of disobedience; and the act of condemning or despising that which is esteemed” – does this mean that mediocrity is the active act of decay?

    We need only step outside our front doors to see before our very eyes the sea of decaying mediocrity that we are swimming in…….

    Are we going to be paralysed with allowing life and the world around us to decay and die or are we going to fight for improvement and evolution. I am sure that evolution did not come from mediocrity and neither did success. Evolution and success comes from a fire inside, a fire of passion – passion to see or experience something better and different.

    Anger is an agent of change, if you feel angry enough about someone this will fuel your fire to change it – and along comes passion – the passion of what to change to, or the vehicle to change it with.

    Here’s to all those leaders who are passionately inspiring the revolution of change – I celebrate you!

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